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When the orphans 1st arrive at the orphanage, many of them cry, they do not do well in school, and it takes them some time to adjust.  These smiles though, make all the work, worthwhile. 

Advent Hope Ministries, Inc. was established in 2003 to supply Bibles for Africa. Our Mission is to serve poverty stricken individuals and communities in Kenya, and to build happier, healthier lives, through education, health care, and orphanages, and to bring lasting changes in children's and people's lives. Each trip that we made, we were overwhelmed by the tremendous number of orphans and children on the streets, going through garbage and begging to survive.  As a result, we currently operate an orphanage, and 4 schools.  Please look at our site and consider assisting the children.  

This is a picture at the Highway Orphanage on opening day, May 2016. They will be able to handle 108 girls when at full capacity.  
A second orphange opened in May 2016.  Ibencho - the 1st orphange will be able to handle 80 boys at capacity.  Please be sure to click on the links for information regarding the schools, and how you could sponsor a child.  The Malek Sponsorship program has also begun, to assist young people that are graduating from high school, to continue their education.  Please go to the "How to Sponsor" page for more information. 

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